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Rede móvel de quinta geração

Feel it real
at Maximum Speed

Try it for free until march 31th with your 5G smartphone.

maxiMum sPeed

Greater capAcity

beSt expeRience

meo 's 5G will transfOrm yoUr day by day

This technology is the new mobile network generation for streaming, sharing, making downloads and uploads, ultra fast, so fast it will change our daily lives and the way we communicate, work and entertain ourselves. And all with maximum security and reliability. All MEO plans are 5G!

Speed the real time
the real Time

You'll be able to download in seconds, streaming in 4K and 8K flawlessly. All this and much more anywhere and in full mobility. MEO postpaid plans with 10GB or more are at maximum speed!

Sente a resposta imediata
the immediate resPonse

5G technology reduces network latency, meaning it responds to your actions in milliseconds. 5G opens the way for you to play games on mobile on the go, without delay and with incredible fluidity, to experience virtual reality, as real as if you were there, but also allows for new realities such as remote surgery, drone control in emergency situations and much more.

Sente que é seguro e fiável
it is saFe and reliable

MEO 's 5G network is the most reliable ever, and it will be able to adapt to the most critical communications needs, anywhere and in full mobility. Without flaws, with intelligence and security.

Sente a qualidade e experiência
really the Difference

A network capable of delivering quality internet even in the most congested areas and situations. With the 5G network you can connect more devices at the same time, maintaining the same quality of response and experience. Browsing will be so fast and uninterrupted, consuming even less battery or energy, being more sustainable. Plus, it paves the way for greater agility and flexibility in everything, anywhere.

feel the 5g revolution is Real

5G makes your everyday life more and more interactive, real and fun!
Discover what your daily life is like at maximum speed.

gaming a 5g
eventos a 5g
ensino a 5g
series filmes e desporto a 5g
saude a 5g
casa a 5g

sEries, movies aNd spOrts

You'll experience the best HD, 4K and 8K entertainment without breaks, wherever you are. For sports fans, what they deserve: streaming games as if they were there. And more: downloads and uploads in the blink of an eye, in the snap of a finger.


For 5G gamers, the best ultra HD content with no waiting and lag-free online gaming without excuses. All this outdoors, can you imagine?

virtual/augmented reAlity

With 5G reduced latency and ultra-fast connection, it will be possible to feel that we are really in a distant place in 360º, revolutionizing, for example, the world of entertainment by feeling that we are in the audience at various spots of a musical or sporting event. 

evEnts aNd feStivals

As 5G makes it possible to connect several devices at the same time, you will be able to share these experiences with whoever you want, even if they are far from you, in real time. A real spectacle.


Learning in a more immersive, interactive and above all fun way. Augmented and virtual reality at the service of education and innovation for an incredible future. Say goodbye to pixelated and grainy resolution video calls. One day the teacher is a hologram and with 5G that day is not that far away.


With 5G everything improves, even medicine and responsiveness, the personalized service, remote yet with the same quality as in person. The end of distance as an obstacle to diagnosis or surgery.


There is already talk about smart homes but now is the time with 5G. All equipment connected, with total mobility, making our world more comfortable and simple. It will be routine to program the air conditioning miles away wherever you are.

comPare Speed
in Real time

Make your travelling more exciting. Download in seconds the TV shows and movies you want to watch without streaming. Compare with this example of a 6GB movie.

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5G mobile net at Maximum speed

Add the 5G mobile net option at maximum speed to your MEO mobile plan.

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Feels that Maximum sPeed is real

Try it for free until march 31th with your 5G smartphone.

5G coverAge in Portugal

meo 's 5G has arrived
at Maximum sPeed

From north to south, inland, coast and islands. Feel it's real in all mainland and island district capitals.

Cobertura 5G em Portugal



en 5g industry logistics
en 5g industry logistics
Industry and Logistics

- Sensory wearables to ensure worker safety
- Real-time monitoring of the stages of manufacturing processes
- Contextualization and visualization of support activities with AR​

Increase production and be more efficient
en 5g cities and transport
en 5g cities and transport
Cities and Transport

- Sensors for efficient management of water, energy and pollution
- Communication between vehicles and devices, for immediate safety decisions
- Transport network with information obtained at the moment​​

Smarter, greener and safer cities
en 5g health
en 5g health

- Teleconsultations or simple remote procedures with better quality
- Permanent follow-up of outpatients
- Robotic surgeries with specialized medical teams remotely​​

Ensure permanent quality medical follow-up
en 5g education
en 5g education

- Study visits, through holograms and 3D technology, without having to leave school
- In medicine, students will be able to have virtual access to a human body
- Simulations of activities with remote support from specialized teams​

Better access to remote education
en 5g ports airports
en 5g ports airports
Ports, Airports, Highway and Rail

- Automated processes using autonomous vehicles, AR techniques and 360º vision
- Precise tracking of objects to ensure the safety of the operation
- Communication between vehicles to make the means of access safer and more fluid​

Greater efficiency and security


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