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BPO - Business Process Outsourcing. Integrated solutions to support business transformation with consulting, leveraging telecom footprint.



BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
bpo en header integrated solutions
bpo en header integrated solutions
Integrated Solutions for your business



bpo en integrated solutions
bpo en integrated solutions
Integrated solutions to make your business more competitive
Have a single partner, specialist in management of suppor​t processes and in the implementation and optimization of operations and guarantee the success of your business and the satisfaction of your Stakeholders.
Know our solutions and the advantages of having services provided from Portugal.



bpo en tabs
bpo en tabs



bpo en telco
bpo en telco
Virtual telephone exchange
For effective management of all calls​ from your company with Cloud services



bpo en network
Network Operations Center
Close supervision of network failures a​nd network of large customers
bpo en technology operations
Technology Operations Center
Guaranteed end-to-end ava​ilability of all cloud services
bpo en security operations center
Security Operations Center
Certified monitoring with proactive and reactiv​e action to external attacks



bpo en availability security and performance
bpo en availability security and performance
Availability, security and performance to respond to your business needs



bpo en service model
Service Model: Rack, ½ Rack, ¼ Rack or​ Sin​gle Rack Units (RU)
bpo en electric energy
Electric energy flat rate or PPU bill​ing model
bpo en it security
IT&Securi​ty Managed Services
bpo en support services
24x7 Presencial ​support services
bpo en security perimeters
Multiple logic and physical security perimeters



bpo en sap
bpo en sap hana operations
bpo en sap cloud services
bpo en sap hosting services



bpo en virtual data center
Virtual Data Center
  • Virtual servers and l​icencing combined;
  • Otimized and certified templates to assure application performance;
  • PaaS and SaaS Model;
  • IT Altice full managed;
  • Real Time provision within Altice cloud marketplace;
  • Flexibility and scale.
bpo en disaster
Disaster Recovery AA Service
  • Service bundle with virtual servers, licencing, storage, connec​tivity and suport services;
  • 1 Free test day per trimester;
  • On premises to cloud solution;
  • RTO and POR user configuration;
  • Real time simulation;
  • Mobile recovery.

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bpo en need more information
bpo en need more information
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bpo en tier facility
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bpo en usgbc gold
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bpo en iso 27001
bpo en premio sap hana
bpo en premio cloud services
bpo en premio hosting services
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